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TV moderation
– Workshop for beginners, the curious and rookies

Sa., 25.09.2021
Sa., 02.10.2021


Basic course – Voice, speaking, phonetics

Sa., 09.10.2021
Sa., 16.10.2021


Media Speech –
the workshop for radio and television, podcasts, Insta Stories,
e-books, audio books

Sa., 30.10.2021
Sa., 06.11.2021


Talking is silver and gold!
The Voice, Speech and Presentation Workshop

Sa., 27.11.2021
Sa., 04.12.2021


Talking is silver and gold!
The Voice, Speech and Presentation Workshop

Sa., 29.01.2022
Sa., 05.02.2022


TV moderation
– Workshop for beginners, the curious and rookies

Sa., 19.02.2022
Sa., 26.02.2022


Basic course – Voice, speaking, phonetics

Sa., 05.03.2022
Sa., 12.03.2022


Media Speech –
the workshop for radio and television, podcasts, Insta Stories,
e-books, audio books

Sa., 26.03.2022
Sa., 02.04.2022


Advanced course – Voice, speaking, phonetics

Sa., 23.04.2022
Sa., 30.04.2022

Basic course phonetics –

Voice, speaking

In our entire communication three factors are decisive: 1. Who talks. 2. How he / she talks. 3. What he / she talks about. Out of those three factors the factor „How he / she talks“ is the most important one because credible argumentation depends heavily on voice leading. Surprised?! Especially the power of voice is totally underestimated by most people. With your voice you can advertise a thing or cause and win without having to say much. You can score, shine, convince – in every area, professional or private! Every single voice has different facets: objectivity, joy, fun, sovereignty, regional origin – there are a lot of informations that we transport through our voice and pronunciation. Depending on region or landscape our pronunciation can differ. For example through a dialect. The goal of talking is to reach your conversation partner. Therefore a pronunciation is needed that can be understood in every part of Germany: It is fine to still hear where you are from – but your conversation partner should also hear that you didnt stop there and kept improving your language skills. 

During those two Saturdays you will learn voice – and speaking techniques for a firm and resonance strong voice, you will work on your speech dynamic and reach a better intelligibility through precise articulation, vocalisation and breathing technique. A workshop with the phonetics – trainer and voice – coach Susanne Schwab.

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1103
Sa., 09.10.2021, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 16.10.2021, 10:00 – 16:00

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1103
Sa., 05.03.2022, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 12.03.2022, 10:00 – 16:00

Information and course registration:
Internet: www.vhs-fk.de
E-Mail: info@vhs-fk.de

Advanced course phonetics –

Voice, speaking

Recommended as a follow-up course to the phonetics basic course for non-German native speakers from CEFR level B1. This course is aimed at advanced learners of German. We deepen what we have already learned and train on these two Saturdays at CEFR level B1. All other interested students from level B1 are of course also welcome in this course. In this course we expand your vocabulary and deepen your pronunciation skills. We train how to pronounce words and sentences correctly in everyday situations. This makes you fit for fluent conversations in German. We do speech and language exercises with audio recordings, replay and evaluation. The contents include: Concrete descriptions from your everyday life, origin, daily routine, details of your home, job and workplace. Speaking on the phone, preferences when planning holidays, introducing yourself, for example in job interviews. 

And you will receive tips on how to continue working independently after the end of the course. Formulating – fresh, free, cheerful! „Practice makes perfect“, you will notice and enjoy how much truth there is in this saying. A workshop with phonetics trainer and lecturer for voice, language and speaking Susanne Schwab.

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1103
Sa., 23.04.2022, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 30.04.2022, 10:00 – 16:00

Information and course registration:
Internet: www.vhs-fk.de
E-Mail: info@vhs-fk.de

TV Moderation – Workshop

for Beginners, curious, rookies

Anyone who wants to can present! For university, company or local TV, for magazine programmes, cooking shows, entertainment formats, your own YouTube channel, etc. TV stations, both national and regional, are also looking for new faces and personalities. How do I come across as likeable? What is important when working with the teleprompter? Can I flirt with the camera? What makes my presentation most convincing? Where do my text ideas come from? How do I know what 20 seconds is? Being beautiful helps immensely, but it’s not everything. Breathing technique, articulation, pronunciation, intonation, direct approach and much more are important for successful presentations. And of course personality and being authentic! As well as very good general knowledge and fast spoken texts with basic journalistic ideas. Anyone who wants to get in front of the camera should love this. Why? Because then the camera will love you too. That’s what we learn, practise and train. Presentations in front of the camera with replay and video feedback. You’ll learn how to introduce, how to break off, how to deal with slips of the tongue, etc. And: how to present depending on the format and the audience. And: how to vary your voice and appearance depending on the format and occasion, i.e.: genre-appropriate use of telegenic means suitable for television.

If required, we can produce a showreel – as a „video business card“ for your entry into TV!  A workshop with the radio and TV journalist and editor, university lecturer for the modules breathing technique, TV presentation and presentation Susanne Schwab. Hochschul – Dozentin für die Module Atemtechnik, TV – Moderation und Präsentation Susanne Schwab.

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1104
Sa., 25.09.2021, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 02.10.2021, 10:00 – 16:00

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1104
Sa., 19.02.2022, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 26.02.2022, 10:00 – 16:00

Information and course registration:
Internet: www.vhs-fk.de
E-Mail: info@vhs-fk.de

MEDIA SPEECH – The workshop

for radio and television, podcasts, Insta stories, e - books, audio books

For all those who would like to work on their voice and way of speaking, for the curious and career changers – for all those who have an interesting voice – and want to make more of it, for all those who have already spoken in front of an audience and/or in the media and want to develop further. Do you have texts or contributions that you would like to voice yourself? In front of the camera or behind the microphone? Or an audio book that you would like to set to sound yourself? Are you active in the media or do you want to become active? We will train the speech patterns / approaches that are necessary for the genre in question. For example, for news, weather reports, traffic news, documentaries, commercials, reports, introductions and farewells, greetings, transitions, aeroplane announcements, answering machines, technical instructions, tongue twisters, difficult factual and technical texts, audio guides, podcasts, prose, poetry and and and………. feel free to bring along your ideas, texts and drafts!  We will acquire the necessary tools for optimal text presentation, i.e. for a healthy, expressive voice as well as clear, unstrained, precise pronunciation, speech breathing without breathing noises, your indifference position, pronun-ciation in High German, varied text treatment with various design elements such as tempo, rhythm, pauses, volume, pitch, accentuation; dealing with volume and voice strength, melody guidance, text structure according to sense units and much more. In order to increase your speaking effect and make it sustainable, we work with audio and camera recordings, which we evaluate and check together:  Where is there still „room for improvement“, where are you already unique and unmistakable.

If required, we can produce a meaningful audio or showreel as your audible or visible business card for your new field of activity, your new professional foothold or as a supplement to what you already have to show in terms of media language and technology. We provide customised and individual answers to the following questions:  What are your personal favourites for coming across as particularly likeable and convincing on radio or television? How can you train a better voice and thus persuasiveness? How do you secure your speaking in an individual medium speaking voice? How do you deal with stress, excitement, time pressure, slips of the tongue, black outs? Furthermore, there are recommendations for additional literature for self-study and tips for your individual development. A workshop with the certified actress, lecturer, coach, voice and speech trainer Susanne Schwab.

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1104
Sa., 30.10.2021, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 06.11.2021, 10:00 – 16:00

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1104
Sa., 26.03.2022, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 02.04.2022, 10:00 – 16:00

Information and course registration:
Internet: www.vhs-fk.de
E-Mail: info@vhs-fk.de


The Voice, Speech and Presentation Workshop

The power of the voice! Your voice has enormous potential and can be a powerful instrument. Used correctly, you can convince others and assert yourself. Sympathy and approval can be generated by the voice. Intonation and breathing alone can bring a listener over to your side. Anyone who calms and relaxes us with their voice is immediately likeable. The effect of our voice is more important than we think. Even simple tips and exercises help to improve your own effect. That’s what we train. We can improve the sound and assertiveness of our voice by speaking clearly. So let’s get our speaking tools in gear! Starting with the optimal phonation breathing for speaking, finding our natural speaking voice position and ending with fast speech phrases and tongue twisters, which – by the way – are also a lot of fun! And last but not least, the application of all this in everyday speaking situations, in conversations, conferences and meetings. Let’s package the contents of a speech or presentation in a convincing way of speaking: Pleasant in pitch, varied through melodic voice leading, lively through variations in tempo and volume, intelligible through clear pronunciation. Prerequisites for an optimal presentation. What do we need to fascinate our audience? The most important thing is authenticity! Then the technical tools such as body language, voice and articulation. 

As well as good preparation, certainty of content, a presentation style that suits the content, a form of presentation that suits your personality. We discuss the structure of a presentation, gestures, facial expressions, posture, your reaction to interjections and questions and draw up a checklist for you. And we train free speech – speaking on cue! After these two Saturdays you will know: 1. practice makes perfect! 2. speaking is silver AND gold!  A workshop with the certified actress, lecturer, coach, voice and speech trainer Susanne Schwab.

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1104
Sa., 27.11.2021, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 04.12.2021, 10:00 – 16:00

VHS, 10247 Berlin, Frankfurter Allee 37, R. 1104
Sa., 29.01.2022, 10:00 – 16:00
Sa., 05.02.2022, 10:00 – 16:00

Information and course registration:
Internet: www.vhs-fk.de
E-Mail: info@vhs-fk.de



Certified teaching qualification and authorisation as a lecturer at private universities of applied sciences with the authorisation to independently carry out the state university degree B.A.

ascenso – Palma de Mallorca
Academy for Business and Media

DEKRA Hochschule Berlin

Deutsche POP – Akademie Berlin

die medienakademie berlin hamburg münchen

EMBA Europäische Medien – und Businessakademie

Fernsehakademie Mitteldeutschland FAM Leipzig

Certified teaching qualification and approval as lecturer of the Akademie für multimediale Ausbildung und Kommunikation AG at the Hochschule Mittweida, University of Applied Sciences

FORTIS – FAKULTAS Bildungsgesellschaft Chemnitz

HMKW – Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft Berlin

Managementakademie Riesa MARie

Science to industry s2i Dresden

sprecher – akademie Deutschland / Österreich

Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität Berlin

Study programmes

Applied Media with
Media Acting
Visual Media Production

Digital design, graphic design and
Visual Communication

Film and television with
Direction, Creation, Editing, Animation


Media designer image and sound

Media and Event Management

Online and TV journalism

Sports Journalism and Sports Management

B. A. Bachelor of Arts

Business management with
Tourism, Hotel and Event Management
International Resort and Cruise Management

Event and media management

Journalism and PR

Marketing and PR

Media and digital journalism

Media management with a focus on
Journalism and PR management

Acting and staging

Corporate and business communication

M.A. Master of Arts

Modules taught

AC – Assessment Center

Application coaching

Cross Media Productions / Project Work

Journalism basics

Journalistic ethics  

Language basics

Media production –
TV – contributions + live coverage

Moderation and presentation

Rhetoric / argumentation training

Voice training and speech training

TV – journalistic working techniques

Atemtechnik und Sprechtraining

Camera Acting

Journalism basics

Contributions, interviews, broadcasts

Journalistic forms of presentation

Journalistic action roles

Communication in the media society

Media training with video feedback:
„The telegenic spoken word counts!“

Presentation techniques

Writing and texting for TV

TV – Moderation and Presentation


Albert Mehrabian and:
The 3 magic numbers of communication

The ZAPP factor in TV

Voice use, indifference, voice care

Speech training with tongue twisters, fast speech phrases

Working with the online teleprompter

Design elements of a text presentation

Texting for TV – different formats

Conversation management, storytelling

Managing slips of the tongue, stress and stage fright

Working with mental sentences and positive affirmations

Outwitting inner insecurities

My relationship with myself

My relationship with the camera

Moderation exercises using sample clips

Positioning and establishing yourself as a brand

Analysis of individual strengths

Analysis of growth potential

Paul Watzlawick and:
The 5 Axioms

The attention pyramid

Breathing, High German Pronunciation

Reading Presentations Prima Vista

Application in different genres

Presentations, news, commentaries, interviews, talk shows, live broadcasts, etc.

Fear reduction with the hand circle method 

Power Posing / Smile Training

Aspects of Life – Work – Balance

My relationship with the audience

Core competences of successful presentation

With camera AZ and evaluation

Different TV formats

Fabrics and colour laws

Make Up, Hair

Finding three USPs

New facets of charisma

Language and personality

Conversation management and moderation

Voice, language, speech training
Speech – Modulation

Word expression, voice, body language

Inductive and deductive interviewing
Interview types and questioning techniques

Rhetorical elegance
Storytelling for persuasion

Writing and Texts for TV
Media-specific writing and copywriting

Moderating in front of the camera
Breakdown and stage fright management
Studio formats / live on location

Body language and body rhetoric
Facets of body language
How do I show presence?

Job application training with:
Job interviews
Presenting yourself
Answers to tricky questions

Resonant voice, breathing technique

Personal self-expression techniques

Special moderation styles in the media

Articulation, vocalisation
Harmony of breathing, body language, voice position

Lecture, Free Speech, Presentation, Small Talk
Speaking on cue, improvising

Tips on question and answer behaviour
Dealing with interview partners and broadcasters

Purposeful argumentation / target group analysis
Suggestive entrances and exits / core message

Journalistic working techniques
Journalistic text types

Introductions, commentaries, news
Radio / TV moderation, dubbing
The Look: TV – appropriate clothing and make-up

The first impression, authentic appearance
Eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture
Training with video AZ and feedback

The perfect application portfolio:
Viewing the application documents
Letter of motivation + curriculum vitae + certificates


Oliver Stone:
„Natural Born Killers“ –
Criticism of violence in film

Cooking with Tim Mälzer:
A comparison between public
and private broadcasters


Georg A. Romero:
„Night of the living dead“ –
Horror or social criticism?

Michael Haneke:
Irritation vs. entertainment approach
A critical approach to the medium of film on the basis of „The White Ribbon“


for the TV – Magazine „The Way of Water“
Realisation of a 5 – part documentary
on behalf of the Television Academy of Central Germany
and Leipzig Fernsehen in cooperation with
with Kommunale Wasserwerke Leipzig GmbH


of the Girls` Day / Interactive Presentations
Courses in Journalism and Media Acting
1st group: Body and language
2nd group: Texting and moderating for TV
3rd group: Speech and improvisation training

CV – Susanne Schwab

Susanne Schwab vor blauem Hintergrund
Susanne Schwab Portraitbild blauer BG
Susanne Schwab vor blauem Hintergrund im Seitenprofil

Susanne Schwab studied at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin with a final grade of very good and has a diploma and a certified stage qualification. Furthermore, Susanne Schwab has the confirmed teaching qualification and approval as a lecturer and lecturer at AMAK AG – Academy for multimedia training and communication at the Hochschule Mittweida Aktiengesellschaft – at state-recognized private universities of applied sciences with the authorization to independently carry out the state university degree Bachelor of Arts (BA),

Hochschule Mittweida – University of Applied Sciences. She works as a lecturer, trainer and coach in the modules breathing technique and speech training, moderation and presentation, voice, language, speech training and media acting. Her tasks also include the implementation of workshops and training sessions in extra-curricular practical phases, e.g. application training and media training with video feedback as well as the implementation and management of crossover and multimedia projects for students including radio play productions, excursions and dubbing workshops.

For children and youths

Etude seminars

Improvisation seminar

Head of project days
„Insights into the World of Theatre“

Monologue work

Acting lessons

Acting Fundamentals

Role and scene study

Preparation for aptitude and
Entrance exams to drama schools

Private lessons

Group lessons

Project work
Group work

Weekend courses

Weekly courses


Block teaching

According to individual agreement
Accompaniment to the examination on request


German as a foreign language
CEFR Levels A 1 – C 2


German for the job

Small - and Business Talk

Conversation courses

Phonetics courses

Presentation training with video analysis

Application training

Intensive courses

Group courses and individual coaching


Further online support


German as a Second Language
CEFR Levels A 1 – C 2


1 A Sprachinstitut

educom group – learning for life

F + U Academy of Languages


KERN Training AG



MODOLINGO International

Sprachenatelier Berlin


Learning strategies

Combination of explicit / implicit learning

Memory support: mind maps / flashcards

Cognitive: paraphrasing and describing words

Compensatory strategies: e.g.: Iconic gestures

Global: Detailed reading and reflection

Role – , card – , quiz games / improvisations

Online: Research, dictionary, Duden, translator.

Application of AAP techniques 

Intention, body, breath, voice and articulation






Deutsche Bank Risk Center Berlin