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Sat., 28.10.2023 / 10:00 – 16:00

Sat., 18.11.2023 / 10:00 – 16:00
Sat., 25.11.2023 / 10:00 – 16:00

Sat., 17.02.2024 / 10:00 – 16:00
Sat., 24.02.2024 / 10:00 – 16:00

Sat., 23.03.2024 / 10:00 – 16:00
Sat., 06.04.2024 / 10:00 – 16:00

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Applied Media with
Media Acting
Visual Media Production

Digital design, graphic design and
Visual Communication

Media management with a focus on
Journalism and PR management

Event and media management

Media designer image and sound

Online and TV journalism

Sports Journalism and Sports Management

B. A. Bachelor of Arts

Business management with
Tourism, Hotel and Event Management
International Resort and Cruise Management

Film and television with
Direction, Creation, Editing, Animation

Journalism and PR
Marketing and PR

Media and digital journalism

Acting and staging

Media and Event Management

Corporate and business communication

M.A. Master of Arts

Modules taught

AC – Assessment Center

Application coaching

Cross Media Productions / Project Work

Journalism basics

Journalistic ethics  

Language basics

Media production –
TV – contributions + live coverage

Moderation and presentation

Rhetoric / argumentation training

Voice training and speech training

TV – journalistic working techniques

Breathing technique and speech training

Camera Acting

Journalism basics

Contributions, interviews, broadcasts

Journalistic forms of presentation

Journalistic action roles

Communication in the media society

Media training with video feedback:
„The telegenic spoken word counts!“

Presentation techniques

Writing and texting for TV

TV – Moderation and Presentation


Albert Mehrabian and:
The 3 magic numbers of communication

The ZAPP factor in TV

Voice use, indifference, voice care

Speech training with tongue twisters, fast speech phrases

Working with the online teleprompter

Design elements of a text presentation

Texting for TV – different formats

Conversation management, storytelling

Managing slips of the tongue, stress and stage fright

Working with mental sentences and positive affirmations

Outwitting inner insecurities

My relationship with myself

My relationship with the camera

Moderation exercises using sample clips

Positioning and establishing yourself as a brand

Analysis of individual strengths

Analysis of growth potential

Paul Watzlawick and:
The 5 Axioms

The attention pyramid

Breathing, High German Pronunciation

Reading Presentations Prima Vista

Application in different genres

Presentations, news, commentaries, interviews, talk shows, live broadcasts, etc.

Fear reduction with the hand circle method 

Power Posing / Smile Training

Aspects of Life – Work – Balance

My relationship with the audience

Core competences of successful presentation

With camera AZ and evaluation

Different TV formats

Fabrics and colour laws

Make Up, Hair

Finding three USPs

New facets of charisma

Language and personality

Conversation management and moderation

Voice, language, speech training
Speech – Modulation

Word expression, voice, body language

Inductive and deductive interviewing
Interview types and questioning techniques

Rhetorical elegance
Storytelling for persuasion

Writing and Texts for TV
Media-specific writing and copywriting

Moderating in front of the camera
Breakdown and stage fright management
Studio formats / live on location

Body language and body rhetoric
Facets of body language
How do I show presence?

Job application training with:
Job interviews
Presenting yourself
Answers to tricky questions

Resonant voice, breathing technique

Personal self-expression techniques

Special moderation styles in the media

Articulation, vocalisation
Harmony of breathing, body language, voice position

Lecture, Free Speech, Presentation, Small Talk
Speaking on cue, improvising

Tips on question and answer behaviour
Dealing with interview partners and broadcasters

Purposeful argumentation / target group analysis
Suggestive entrances and exits / core message

Journalistic working techniques
Journalistic text types

Introductions, commentaries, news
Radio / TV moderation, dubbing
The Look: TV – appropriate clothing and make-up

The first impression, authentic appearance
Eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture
Training with video AZ and feedback

The perfect application portfolio:
Viewing the application documents
Letter of motivation + curriculum vitae + certificates




Conception and management



for the TV – Magazine „The Way of Water“
Realisation of a 5 – part documentary
on behalf of the Television Academy of Central Germany
and Leipzig Fernsehen in cooperation with
with Kommunale Wasserwerke Leipzig GmbH

of the Girls` Day / Interactive Presentations
Courses in Journalism and Media Acting
1st group: Body and language
2nd group: Texting and moderating for TV
3rd group: Speech and improvisation training

For children and youths

Etude seminars

Improvisation seminar

Head of project days
„Insights into the World of Theatre“

Monologue work

Acting lessons

Acting Fundamentals

Role and scene study

Preparation for aptitude and
Entrance exams to drama schools

Private lessons

Group lessons

Project work
Group work

Weekend courses

Weekly courses


Block teaching

According to individual agreement
Accompaniment to the examination on request



German as a foreign language

CEFR Levels A 1 – C 2



German for the job

Small - and Business Talk

Conversation courses

Phonetics courses

Presentation training with video analysis

Application training

Intensive courses

Group courses and individual coaching


Further online support

Learning strategies


Combination of explicit / implicit learning

Memory support: mind maps / flashcards

Cognitive: paraphrasing and describing words

Compensatory strategies: e.g.: Iconic gestures

Global: Detailed reading and reflection

Role – , card – , quiz games / improvisations

Online: Research, dictionary, Duden, translator.

Application of AAP techniques 

Intention, body, breath, voice and articulation